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OK. Whew.

Now that I got all that out of my system, Claire decides to be a Really Good Kid.  Friday was wonderful!  She got up and was happy and giggly and fun.  I picked her up from daycare and she was even more fun.  Saturday we went to IKEA in the morning (fun!) and after her nap, Rooms-To-Go and Linens-n-Things (lots of – in that sentence!) and she was great.

We laughed a lot and played a lot and just had a really nice weekend.  It was so refreshing.  I mean, one can only take so much of their kid being a pain in the ass, youknowwhatImean?


Things are getting a little hectic around here, what with the Moving In Less Than 2 Weeks.  I alternate between having panic attacks that we’re not going to get everything done (GAH!  We haven’t packed ANYTHING and I’m so BEHIND and WHY am I sitting on this couch reading blogs and drinking coffee like we DON’T have less than 2 weeks to pack our ENTRIE HOUSE! WOE!) and contentment (Eh if I don’t do it today, I’ll do it tonight.  Or tomorrow.  It’s not like we can move without packing everything, so maybe I shouldn’t be giving myself a freaking hernia over it)

(No, I don’t know how someone can give themselves a hernia while sitting on the couch, drinking coffee.  I’m just being proactive in NOT doing that, if it were possible)

(which it probably isn’t.)

(But I digress)

So, Claire’s room is done, except for the clothes she COULD wear in the next two weeks, which is hard to decide since it’s 60 degrees today, but supposed to be back up in the 80’s by the end of the week.  So, shorts and sweat pants were kept out.  Plus we have to take apart her crib, but that won’t happen until late next week.  The guest bedroom is done, except for the pile of Computer Crap on the bed which has to be packed, and the bed itself, which a friend of ours will be taking next week.

The two big rooms next to tackle are our bedroom (GAH! I just sent 2 trash bags to Goodwill, how do I have so many clothes left?!), and the kitchen. GAH, I say.

But, we agreed on furniture (couch, coffee table, chair, TV stand and floating shelves plus a mount for the TV), the office (two desks and chairs, and a futon or sofa bed) and the new mattress and fridge.  We still have to buy them and get them delivered ($), but the hard part it done.  We also have to set up the utilities, and the hurricane made everything take a while to get it set up.

I’m sure there have been more things happen this weekend, but I’m sitting on the edge of Panic, so I feel like I should pack something.  Or clean something.  Or pack something that I just cleaned.

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