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Claire doesn’t have a lovey.  And trust me, it’s not for lack of trying.  She wasn’t sleeping through the night (consistently at least) so at around 5 months, we tried to get her something.  We thought it would help sooth her and she would go back to sleep by herself.  

We tried stuffed animals, but she never liked them.  We tried Mouse Mouse (a variation of Pup Pup and Frog Frog that my sister-in-law uses) to no avail.  She just never really cared for any one thing more than another.  

When we went to Disneyworld (Land?  I always get them mixed up.  The one in Florida) in January, it was colder than we expected the first day.  So, we bought a (really really, outrageously expensive) blanket.  It was one of those that’s super soft, but the first time you forget to NOT dry it in the dryer, you end up with a TON of fluff.  We covered her with it when she slept in the stroller, and she sat on it when she was awake.  She seemed to like it.  So, we just kept putting it in her crib when she slept.

I don’t know if she cares either way, but we still have it (and two more that we bought at Target – not nearly as expensive, this time).  I’m actually kind of happy she doesn’t have a lovey.  It means we never have to worry about her pitching a fit if she loses it.  We don’t have to stress if the toy company decides to discontinue it.  We don’t have to buy 4, just in case they do.

She still gets up at least once during the night.  But, now I enjoy it.  I go to her room, pick her up and she immediately puts her head on my shoulder and her arms around my neck.  I’ve realized that she’s not going to do this forever, and that I should enjoy it while she does.  


Did you like my subtly linky of my Sister-In-Law’s business?  She does birthdays in a box.  If you want to plan a cute birthday for your kids, but don’t have time to do it, she comes in.  And let’s be honest, these days there’s so much pressure for these damn birthdays.  

She lives in Sugar Land (which for those who aren’t familiar, it’s the “new money” part of Houston).   She was amazed at the elaborate parties parents would throw for their little kids.  The kids don’t care (they’re 1! or 2!), so she quickly learned that it was all show for the other parents.  But, she thought, what if a parent wants to throw one of these crazy parties, but works and doesn’t have time?  That’s where Addie comes in.  She puts together an amazing birthday.  

For my niece’s first birthday, they had an Amazon birthday.  Her name is Jane, so the invites said “Me Jane. You invited.”  She girls dressed in animal prints, they had a safari in their back yard and a huge gorilla.

Anyway, the reason I’m mentioning this is because I’d like to know: for all you Mom’s out there, would you buy one of these boxes?  They have invites, thank you notes, decorations, cake instructions.  

I think it’s brilliant, and I really want her to get this going so I can quit work and work for her.  


I think morning is my favorite time of day. It gets hot here (it was 100 degrees in April.  APRIL! GAH!), but in the morning, it’s still reasonably cool.  I like getting up early. Sure, the first 5 minutes are tough, but then I’m awake.  I enjoy the cool of the morning, before it gets hot and humid. I like the quiet of the morning, before the house wakes up and we’re all running around. Its part of the reason I liked the 5am shift when I worked at Starbucks. I think clearly in that early morning hush.

JR, however does not like the morning. He is a huge pain to get up. He isn’t quite awake for a good hour. And now that we’re both working, the mornings start even earlier. We get up at 6 and are out the door by 7.  Weekends aren’t any different, except that he whines until I let him sleep in more.  It’s not unusual for him to finally crawl out of bed around 11 or 12.  

No real point to this, except that I wanted to complain about it.

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