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Things that make me go nuts

Tool: “Why can’t we not be sober? I just want to start this over.”

Me: …wait.  What?!

JR: What?

Me: Why can’t we not be sober?  What does that mean?

JR: It means they want to know why they’re sober.

Me: Why can’t we….not…I don’t understand.

JR:  It’s a double negative.  It means they’re sober.

Me: I don’t understand it.  I seriously can’t wrap my mind around it.

JR:  It means they want to know why can’t they be NOT sober.  As in messed up.

Me: So they’re asking why they can’t be drunk?

JR: I don’t think they’re talking about drinking.

Me: *sigh*  That’s bad grammar.

JR:  Your family really screwed you up with this grammar thing.  When I was a kid my dad used to say, “Let’s went.” Instead of “Let’s go.”

Me: [appalled] WHY?!

JR: I don’t know.  We thought it was funny.

Me: That’s not funny at all!  It’s terrible!

JR:  I also used to read Brown Bear, Brown Bear. What do you see as “Brown Bear, Brown Bear. What does you see.

Me: *head explodes*

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