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Take eleventy and one.

I’ve started a new post eleventy times, and they all end up the same:

“Wah, I’m bored.  I hate my job.  My house is a diaster zone.  We have too much shit.  I want to move. ”

And I know what you’re thinking: get a new job, clean up your house, have a garage sale and quit yer bitching (well, that’s how you’d say it if you lived in Texas like me). 

I will, I will, I will and NO you can’t make me.

But it’s true.  I need to quit bitching.  I need to clean my house and not spend all night after Claire goes to bed in the garage, watching the Olympics.  I need to get rid of a lot of things in our house that we don’t use and I think once I declutter the house, I’ll be better equipted to declutter my head.

It’s a little overwhelming, especially since it doesn’t look like I’ll be getting any help.  Unless I nag and beg and barter.  And I just won’t do that. 

So tell me, what are your best organizing tricks?  How do I scale down the amount of useless shit that keeps piling up?  Where should I start?

Help me!


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