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Indecision ’08

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for:

What Should I Wear To The Class Reunion?

Note: with all the shirts, I’m going to wear dark Express jeans that make my ass look killer.


ruffled shirt

Here we have option number one.  I like this shirt, because it’s loose-fitting, and comfortable.  But, I will be in Houston, so it’ll be hot.  And, it’s hard to iron steam.  So it might be wrinkly.

ruffled shirtNote: Sorry these pictures are blurry.  There wasn’t much light in my bathroom while I was taking them.

just blackOption Two: This one is one of my go-to items.  It’s a plain black shirt, that kind of billows at the bottom.  Pros: it hides my belly, it’s cool. Cons: It’s not that dressy, but I might be able to pair it with heels and a chunky necklace and get away with it.

navyOk, option three. This is a navy silk-like shirt. Pros: It’s not form fitting, so it hides my midsection; it’s not black. Cons: when I get hot I sweat profuselyglisten, so the arm pits of this one tend to get a little….how should I put this delicately? dark and wet.  What?  Too much?
dress Here’s the last option. I’m leaning more toward this one because I wear it a lot. It’s a Target dress. I like it because I can dress it up with a necklace and heels, and it hides a lot of “flaws.”

dress Plus, it makes my boobs look great. You can’t really tell, but it does. Really!

Here are the shoes I’m looking at wearing. shoes They’re not the most comfortable, but they’re really cute.

shoes2 Here’s the tops.

It’s those, or a pair of really comfortable black heels. They’re a little plain, but my feel don’t hate me after an hour or so.

SO! Option one: black ruffled shirt, dark jeans, red (or black) shoes?
Option two: Plain black shirt, dark jeans, chunky necklace, red heels?
Option three: Navy shirt, dark jeans, probably brown shoes?
or Option four: Black dress, red heels, black necklace.

Give it to me straight. My husband is no help “Whatever you think, baby.”


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