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Grace in Small Things

1.  Little not-so-much-a-baby-anymore hugs around my legs

2. Babies in tutus

3.  Blue skies, and grey ones too

4.  Rediscovering old pictures that show that she doesn’t look all that different a year later

5.  Laughing

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Grace in Small Things

When I was in high school and most of college, I kept a gratitude journal.  Lest you think this was Oprah-inspired, I assure you it was not.  My high school theater teacher had us do one as a writing assignment every day.  It forced me to think about the things that were GOOD in my life.

Schmutzie is doing one too.  I decided to jump on the bandwagon and join in.

My grace in small things.

1.  Coffee.  With one Sweet-n-Low and cream.

2. A dripping, coughing, sleeping baby curled up next to me.

3. That Wall-E doesn’t have much talky-talky.  Makes watching it bearable.

4. My husband.  Who reminds me everyday why I married him.  Especially when he’s ultra-observant.

5. Cool mornings and perfect afternoons spent outside.

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