You heard what?!

As some of you know, my kid brother is in South Korea teaching elementary school kids English.  This is odd for a few reasons.

One, he can bearly speak proper English himself.  Who decided that he was qualified to teach conversational English.  Those poor kids are going to go home saying stuff like, “It’s coo’ Dawg.”

Two, he’s never lived farther than 35 minutes from my mom.  Oh wait, that’s not true.  He spent one semester in Stephenville.  It was about an hour away.

Three, I’m not 100% he knows how to tie his own shoes.  How can he live in a foreign country all by himself?!

Anyway, he’s there and I’ve talked to him once so he could let me know he got in.  There’s a 14 hour time difference, so I didn’t expect to talk to him that often.  But last week I got a strange text message from a friend in Austin.

“Heard your brother on the local morning show.  He sounds good.”

Who da what?! I called my mom and she got a call from a friend of hers telling her the same thing.  So, my mom calls the radio station.  Apparently, Mikey is no stranger to this station.  He called in once to complain about the girl that he was “dating” when he was in Europe, and calls every few weeks.  But he was in the same town as the station.

Now he’s in South Korea.

Anyway, mom got a clip of the call, so I thought I’d put it here.

Mikey calls from S. Korea

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