Suck it up, kid.

While waiting for dance class to start, Claire and cousin Jane were warming up.  One of Claire’s favorites is to bend her arm at her elbow, then fling it out while throwing her body around in a circle.  One time Jane got a little too close to the whirling dervish and got smacked right in the face.  She probably wouldn’t have reacted, but my lovely sister-in-law and I both cringed so she lost her shit.  She ran over to her mom, crying, and I pulled Claire over to me.

“You need to apologize to Jane.  I know it was an accident, but you still need to say I’m sorry.”

Claire looked at Jane for a minute, then clear as day said, “Shake it off Jane.  You’ll be alright.”

The best part?  Without missing a beat, Jane stopped crying, said “OK, Claire” and wiggled what her mama gave her.

Then it was back to the dance.

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