A morning in pictures

JR went back to work this morning for the first time in two weeks and, although I would never admit this to him, I miss him being around. If nothing else than for someone ELSE who Claire can climb on.

So, since Claire’s taking a nap, and I’m bored, I decided to take some pictures.

This is the box of books JR bought me at Half Price Books last week.  It’s all easy reading, and I’ve read 2 1/2 already.


Notice the price tag.  $5 for all those books.  Such a bargain shopper!

This is my bathroom counter.  I haven’t even come close to unpacking our room, which means that I keep piling stuff on the counter.  Hey, it takes a lot of work to look this good!  *ahem*


Bonus:  You get to see the pile of dirty laundry that I have to do at some point.  Awesome.

Speaking of laundry, here’s a picture of clean, dry towels in the dryer.  I don’t think there’s anything as nice as a clean, dry towel after a hot shower.  Seriously, this is my life.


Except this:  Gluvine.  It’s a German mulled wine that you drink hot.  It’s delicious on a cold night.  Which we haven’t had much of, because no one told Houston that it’s January.


You’ll notice one of the bottles is empty.  It was from the other cold night we had this winter so far.  Yes, there have only been two.

Claire’s up.  Maybe more pictures will be forthcoming!

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