My Thanksgiving Day post.

My mom and I weren’t ever all that close.  I didn’t hate her, and I can’t remember any fights we had (save the one time she caught me sneaking in the house after I was out all night with a boy she didn’t like).

She was always in the Band Boosters when I was in high school.  The President, my senior year.  She’s always been fun, and I enjoyed her company.  But that’s as far as it got.  Even as I went through college and life after, she was just my mom.

Then we moved to Oklahoma City and I got knocked up.  Then the fact that she lived 7 hours away was HORRIBLE and UNFAIR and I HATED it.  I was a little dramatic when I was pregnant.  Anyway, we talked almost every day I lived there.  She spent a week in the OKC when Claire was born.  I cried when she left.

That closeness carried over to our move back to Austin.  She came up every weekend, and we spoke a few times a week.  When she found out we were moving to Houston, she didn’t talk to me for two days.  She said she cried every night that first week.

She didn’t help us move out of our old house, but she did come to Houston the day after we moved in and helped us get settled.  She stayed until Monday afternoon, and we both cried when she left.

I’ve been totally off my game since moving to Houston almost a month ago.  I washed my damn cell phone and only realized it when I moved the clothes to the dryer.  I’ve messed up dinner more times in the last 3 weeks than I ever have before.  I lost my checkbook, and my mind a few times.  I attribute that to the fact that I hadn’t seen my mom in 3 weeks.

I needed her to be here for Thanksgiving.  I was cooking the whole meal; I couldn’t mess up.  And she was.  She swooped in Thursday morning, cleaned our whole house, unpacked more boxes, helped me cook.  She is hilarious and we laughed so hard we (almost) peed.

She left Saturday, and I miss her terribly.  She wasn’t planning on coming back until Christmas, but she decided that she couldn’t go that long without seeing me Claire.  So, she’s coming back next weekend.

I didn’t mean for my Thanksgiving post to be all about my mom.  But, I got off the phone with her last night, and crawled in bed, and realized for the first time that she will die.  One day, she won’t be around.  I won’t be able to just call her and laugh; I won’t ever see her again.  It hit me like a ton of bricks.  She is my best friend now, and I don’t know how I’ll be able to handle it if she ever gets sick.

So that took a very sobering turn.  Sorry.  Let’s find something lighter to talk about.

This past weekend was very busy.  My mom and little brother came in town Thursday morning, my in-laws came over for Thanksgiving and stayed almost all night, I was up at 3:30 to go shopping Friday morning, my Dad came over Saturday afternoon and we went to a basketball game (and spend more time together than we had in a long time) and he left Sunday.

It was fun, but exhausting.  And now it’s Monday and we go back to the way things were two weeks ago.  I’m trying to fill up my time I spend alone with Claire, so neither of us goes insane.  We’re enrolling her in dance and gymnastics in January.  I’m hoping to get her into the school my nieces go to.  I can do this Stay-At-Home business if I have things to do.  I need to stay busy.

I like seeing Claire mimic me.  She does things that I do.  She may not look like me (JR’s genes are strong in that one), but she acts like me.  She says “no” like I do.  She says “Whoa” all the time, something I didn’t realize I did until she started.  It’s fun to teach her things and see things register.  So maybe I’ll stick around a little longer.  Maybe it won’t be so bad.

We’ll see.  Our week is pretty boring.  I work Tuesday-Friday at noon, so that narrows our options a bit.  We’ll hit The Stomping Grounds a few times, and today we’re going to dance class with my Lovely Sister-In-Law to check it out.  But I find myself counting down the hours until JR gets home.

It’ll get better.  It will.


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