Oh, Hai. You’re still here?

Seriously.  It’s been a long time since I updated.  Like, 16 days long.  Sorry to my readers (Singular, right?  Surely noone’s still reading…)

In those 16 days, we’ve packed our entire house in (2!) 24′ moving vans, moved 200 miles (easy, right?), unloaded the (2!) 24′ moving vans, and unpacked our whole house (kinda).  We even had time to have a few complete meltdowns (not limited to just Claire; I had one too), and break the faucet in our shower.  It’s been eventful, to say the least.

I think the hardest thing about this move is that I’m staying home with Claire again.  I look back at the first 9 months I stayed home with her and want to kick that old Cori in the face for complaining about it.  That was easy.  She didn’t require much then.  Eat and poop, was all she did.  Now, I actually have to ENTERTAIN her.  We joined Gymboree (we tried 3 times in Austin, but each time we went, they didn’t have anyone signed up for the class.  Boo!) and she LOVES it.  Plus, it wears her out enough that she sleeps long enough for me to work at noon.

We also found a great new business in Sugar Land.  It’s called The Stomping Grounds and it has huge playgrounds, similiar to the ones at McDonalds, but the best part is that I can crawl around in there with her.  She’s a little small for the “Big Kid” one, but she loves it so much if I help her up the stairs and down the slides.  And again, she gets worn the fuck out.

I’m going to try to get her in a “school” that my neices go to (T and TH from 10-2) and possibly dance class in January Monday mornings.  I wouldn’t mind staying home if we have things to do.  I just can’t entertain her all day, everyday.  She’d be the first on to tell you that.

So that’s what we’ve been up to.  I’m going to try to get back in the habit of posting; mostly so I can look back and remember the things that she did.  18 months is a fun time if you let it and I want to be able to read something when the Devil comes over to switch babies that makes it worthwile.

He did that Wednesday, btw.  Switched babies.  I lost the damn fiddle match.  I even played Chicken in the Breadpan, Picking up Dough!


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