Newsletter: Month 17

Dear Claire,

A few days ago, you turned 17 months old.  I didn’t write anything on Saturday because we were eyebrow deep in moving boxes and trash bags.  We move on Friday and to say that we’re behind on the packing is a the understatement of the year.  And, unfortunately, we can’t have you anywhere NEAR the boxes we just packed.  Let’s just say that you’re REALLY GOOD at unpacking, and not so good with the keeping things in the box.


This last month has been quite a trial for me and your Daddy.  There have been so many highs and lows this month that I found myself reaching for anything stationary, lest I get thrown off along the way.  One minute you’re dancing in the living room, shaking your little booty, gettin’ jiggy wit it; and the next you’re making me feel like I should just hurl myself off the nearest cliff, just to get away for a few days while I recuperate.

It’s not that you’re BAD, you’re just pushing every button we have.  We’re so used to the easy-going, lovable baby we brought home that the minute you run away from us at the mall or defiantly touch the oven (even when I tell you NO!), we’re confused.  We don’t know how to discipline you.  I don’t know if you understand when I’m telling you not to do something.  We’re trying to avoid the word, “No” for fear that someday it won’t mean anything to you, but it’s hard to decide what qualifies for the dreaded scream of NO!  You’re figuring our who you are, and I have a feeling you’ll NEVER take shit from anyone.dsc_0239

You are quite a ham.  We knew this long ago when you would smile every time I put the camera in your face, but it’s becoming more pronounced now.  You do things because they make us laugh.  You spent 20 minutes dancing, with us, our friend Renata and your Gam all in a circle around you.  You’d shake your booty, spin in circles, shimmy your shoulders.  I had tears rolling down my face; Renata commented that her cheeks hurt because she was smiling so much.  You weren’t too happy during the silence between songs (such a child of the TiVO), and you’d look to each of us, demanding that we turn the damn music back on so you could get back to the dancing.  And, if you caught one of us laughing, you’d get this huge grin on your face.  You were just trying to make us happy.

You also took a huge auditory step this month.  One day, you were saying “GO!” every time I accelerated, a few days later, you started saying “puppy” when you saw the dogs, and “Baby” when you wanted to watch Baby Signing Time (which is, by the way, ALL THE DAMN TIME.  Seriously, kid, I’m SO SICK of Rachael and her over-acting.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the concept, but if you had your druthers we’d watch it over and over all day).dsc_0314

Then one day, after picking you up from daycare, I casually mentioned that we were going to see your Daddy.  And the sweetest word came from your mouth.


We practiced the whole way home, repeating that word back and forth.  And when we pulled up in the drive way and you saw him, a huge “DADDY” came tumbling out of your mouth.  He was shocked.  I was ecstatic.  And not just because we’ve been waiting for 17 months to hear that.  Also because when you’re upset or pissed or just need some lovin’ at 3am, he’s the one you call.  He can’t resist the whisper of his name.  And I just lay in bed and say, “She’s asking for you.”

I’m so happy to hear you ask for him.

I love you, honey.




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2 responses to “Newsletter: Month 17

  1. ash

    lol! “she’s asking for you”

    you’ve got one cute, great kiddo on your hands! 🙂

  2. Mandy

    You move on Friday?!?! NOOOOOO!!! I’m not ready yet! You can’t go! I won’t allow it!!!

    Okay, fine, go ahead and move. I GUESS I’m happy for you guys 🙂

    We’ll miss you!

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