Up all night, Rent-A-Cop troubles and the realtor drama!

It has been a rough week.  We’re in Houston for JR to start his job, and for me to find a house.  I honestly didn’t know it would be such a hassle.  We were working with a realtor, since I don’t know the city very well and JR has been less than helpful in this whole thing.  We decided the general area we wanted to live, and told the realtor.  Houston’s Realtors have a great website set up where people can search listings.  We sent a TON of listings to the Realtor.  Everyone she sent us seemed too expensive (or right at the top of what we wanted to spend).  I met with her Monday with Claire, plus my sister-in-law and her two kids.

Three kids under 3 walking around 7 houses in Houston wasn’t fun.  Plus, Addie (SIL) and I couldn’t get Claire’s carseat out of my car so we had to take two cars.  Plus the realtor’s car.  It was a regular caravan.

We saw the houses, didn’t really like any of them.  The last one we saw was beautiful, but a lot bigger than we wanted.  It was the most we wanted to spend in rent, plus utilities would be outrageous. I mentioned to the realtor that we liked it, but that I would have to talk to JR about it.  Turns out that the owner of the house had three people back out of the lease, so he just wanted to sell it.  I told the realtor not to worry about it.  We would find something else.

Two weeks ago, Addie drove by a house in her neighborhood that was for sale or lease.  It didn’t come up in the MLS under for lease, so she called the owner and asked to look around.  I gave our realtor the MLS number ( like I had with all the other ones we saw that day) and she scheduled to look at it.   But by the time we were going to look at it, the girls were tired and cranky and I told her to cancel the showing.  Well, Addie and I decided that we wanted to look at it the next morning, but the Realtor wasn’t available.  So, Addie called the owner and he was there anyway so we went by.  It’s pretty awesome.  I decided to fill out a credit application (with our realtor’s name on it) and called Realtor to tell her that we decided to go with that one.  She said she would fill out the lease information and the pet deposit information, but I told her that I wanted to wait to see what the owner wanted to do.  I told her not to do anything until I heard from him.  She emailed me and the owner the information anyway.

The next day (yesterday), I got a call from Realtor saying that the owner wasn’t going to compensate her for finding the house because Addie called him about it first.  She said that she scheduled the showing, but canceled per our request and has all the information to prove that.  I told her that him deciding not to compensate her had nothing to do with what she did or didn’t do to see it; Addie called him first so Addie was the one who found it, not Realtor.

Realtor called owner again and complained.  Owner said, too bad.  Then I get this email:

Unfortunately, I am dismayed at the outcome of our discussion.
I explained to him that his home was on our list to see on Monday, but we cancelled per your request.
I had even spoken with him that day and said we were coming by that early evening. Then, I called the CSS Centralized Showing Service per mls instructions, got the Combination code and the Alarm code to disarm and arm.
He said a couple weeks ago, that Addie stopped by his home? And that he feels no obligation to compensate my efforts.
But, Cori, you all are my clients, not Addie. And I really did have this home on our showing list for Monday.
CSS would have confirmation history of that.
I also left a voice mail message with Owner’s Realtor to call me.
You, as my clients, can require representation by me for this lease, when you visit with David. Anyway, I know that there will be a fair outcome. Please call to visit when convenient.
Dude.  Back off.  Sorry you’re not getting paid.  She even said that she normally doesn’t do leases, but this one was given to her and that we were looking for something at $1500, and two story and with a pool (when in reality, I told her that $1500 was the most we wanted to spend, we’d rather have a one story and no pool.  But, we looked at 4 houses that were 2 story, simply because they were nicer than the one story ones) but we got one for $1200 with no pool.
To make everything worse, Claire has decided that the best time to run circles around Addie’s house is at 2:30 in the morning.  She gets up at 11 or so every night and doesn’t fall back asleep until 3 or 4, after I drive circles in the neighborhood in the car.
I even got pulled over two nights ago by the Rent-A-Cop for being a “suspecious vehicle” at 3am, RIGHT AFTER she fell asleep.  Looking back, that was actually funny.  I had been driving around the neighborhood for an hour.  I was working on three hours of sleep.  He rolled down his window and asked if everything was alright.  I whispered, “Yes.  I’m just trying to get my kid to go to sleep.  She’s been up all night.”
I’m pretty sure he had no idea what the hell I was talking about.  But, he let me go and I went right back to Addie’s.
So, that’s the week.  It was hard, but we came back Friday night and now we’re home.  I’m so glad.  I have a few people coming over this afternoon to look at the house (yay!) so I have to clean, but right now I’m enjoying a cup of coffee in the early morning cool while Claire takes a nap (yes, it IS 8am, but she was up at 4 so I don’t feel too badly about it).
Hopefully we’ll get this house and I can post pictures.  It’s going to be a small challenge to arrange our furniture in the living room since we have HUGE couches, but if worse comes to worse, I’ll just buy new couches.  Twist my arm, you know?


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2 responses to “Up all night, Rent-A-Cop troubles and the realtor drama!

  1. ash

    wow sounds like its all kinda been a pain. hope you get it too! pictures! 🙂

  2. Dude! That is so rude of your realtor to preasure you about the money issue! It’s rude of him to even bring it up! That’s life, buddy!

    LOL and I cannot even imagine what the rent a cop was thinking when he pulled you over, hehehe. Suspicious mother, on the loose!

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