I haven’t updated in a while because I didn’t want to jinx anything.  JR was offered a job in Houston last night.  It makes a LOT more money which, I don’t think anyone would argue, is nice.  The truth is that we’ve been bearly keeping our head afloat.  So this job offer is a HUGE relief.

There haven’t been a lot of things going on in this household except for worry.  Worry about bills, worry about me becoming sick, because it WOULD be me, the one who doesn’t have health insurance.  Worry.

But, that’s almost over.  We get the relo- and the bonus- and his salary.  We get a second chance.  Looking back over the last 6 months, I can almost appreciate it.  We budgeted everything.  We canceled cable, we ate hot dogs for weeks straight, we started looking for apartments that cost $300 less than our rent now.  We simply weren’t bringing in as much as we were spending.  And we weren’t spending any money.

But, now we’ll be comfortable.  And now, after learning that we CAN budget like that, we’ll be prepared in case something like this happens again.  We know that we can live without 400 channels.  We can live without beer (well, I knew that already. J learned the hard way).  We will never, NEVER, be in this position again.  I just won’t let us.  We will have 6 months salary saved up.  We will have liquid savings.  We won’t ever have to live like this again.

Don’t get me wrong; it’s not going to be easy to claw our way out of this.  But, we aren’t as bad as we could be.  We’re not as bad off as some people.  And, JR and I have gotten much closer.  Before this, I could feel us slipping away.  We had other things going on, and we weren’t taking our time with each other.  Not having any money to DO anything will change that, and fast.  We had to be with each other every night (and every day driving to and from work and lunch since we only had one car and could only afford gas for that one car anyway).  It worked.

We’re happy now.  We haven’t gotten any money yet, but it’s coming.  And when it does, we’ll pay off our bills and go out to dinner for the first time in 6 months, and maybe have some wine.  Then, we’ll get back to where we were before.  Just without the whole Not-Paying-Our-Bills thing.

So, that’s what’s been happening.  Nothing seemed funny, and everything seemed….dire.

But, we’re back.  And, truly better than ever.

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  1. I’m glad that things are looking up for y’all. But I’m sure as heck going to miss you!!!

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