Too many things to bitch about.  Need to stay positive.  Or else I might just fall off the end of the earth and there’s two problems with that:  there IS no end of the earth, so who KNOWS where I’ll end up; and if I left, there would be no one to feed Claire.  JR gets sick watching her eat with her mouth open.  Did I mention that she’s 15 months old?  She’s going to have the BEST table manners of any of the kids in her class by the time she’s in kindergarden.

So, here we go:

1.  I’m grateful for Claire.  It doesn’t matter how bad my day was, when I see her little face light up and hear her laugh, my anger melts away.  The knot in my stomach unclentches, and my shoulders loosen.  It’s pretty amazing that a hug from a 15 month old can make an entire shitty day disappear…

2.  That we’re healthy.  I found out while we were on vacation that one of the girls I went to high school with’s daughter has cancer.  She just turned 2.  Recently, my mom told me that they put a feeding tube in, so she’s gaining weight.  And, while it hasn’t stopped, the tumor has only grown 10% in the last few months.  Compared to how much weight she’s gained from the feeding tube, that’s nothing.  So, I’m grateful that we’re all healthy.  Illness terrifies me.

3.  I’m grateful that college football season is starting.  It’s not that I particularily like college footbal.  I mean, it’s ok, but JR loves it.  And sure, there are sometimes too many boys at our house, but the thing I’m grateful for is that we have all those friends who like us enough to come over to hang out, drink beer, watch football and eat.  A lot.  It really means a lot to JR that they come over; since having Claire we don’t go OUT a lot, and this isn’t going to change for a while.  We’re the first ones in the group to have a kid, so it’s pretty amazing that most of our (mostly single, all childless) friends choose to hang out with us at our house.  We have an amazing support group here, and I’m grateful for them everyday.

4.  The other reason I’m glad college football is starting is because that means that it’s starting to get cooler.  No, not today when it was 100 degrees.  And probably not for at least another month, but the end of (a very long, and hot) summer is upon us.  I love cold weather.  Yes, I know I’m living in the wrong state for that, but that’s not something that can be helped.  So I’ll just hold out hope that our winter this year is longer than the one last year.  Which was 72 hours.  But felt like 4.

5.  I’m grateful for my mom.  Ever since we moved to Oklahoma City, we’ve become very close.  We talk almost every day, and she comes up to see us every weekend.  Last night, I needed someone to talk to and even though it was about money, and I hear you’re never supposed to talk to family about money, I called her.  And she made me feel a lot better.

6.  For coffee.  OH!  I love coffee.  I drink a cup every morning, no matter what day it is.  I have a pretty crappy coffeemaker (my nice one I got for Christmas a few years died a few months ago, and the crappy one works fine.  Except that I can’t program it to start when I get up.  It sucks to have to make coffee when you’re not 100% awake yet).

7. For my Blackberry.  I can Twitter, post, check emails, play games on it.  Love it.  Addicted?  Yes!

8.  For funny websites.  This one and this one come to mind. 

9.  Kirtsy.  Gives me something to do.

10.  I honeslty can’t think of anything.  We’ll try again later.


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