Newsletter: 15 months

Dear Claire,

Today you turn 15 months old. Blah Blah Blah, I can’t believe it, yadda yadda. You’ve become such a little PERSON this month. Your personality has really start to come out. You are independent, and starting to push boundaries. This morning, you turned your sippy cup upside down and shook it so water came spilled onto the carpet. And looked at me the whole time as if you were thinking, “What are you going to do about it?” I said your name, and you stopped and moved onto other things. But, you KNEW you weren’t supposed to do that and you did it to see what I would do. This morning, at breakfast, you snuck a piece of toast to Murphy. Normally you would just drop a piece of food over the top of the tray to him. But today, you dropped it under. And didn’t look down, acted like you weren’t doing a thing. But honey, I was standing right there. I saw it. When I said your name, you looked at me with those big blue eyes and acted like you didn’t know what you did wrong.

You’re such a happy kid. You’re getting a little shy around certain people, but those are the people I don’t mind that you’re shy around. Like your dad’s friends. If you’re never comfortable around boys, I’ll be happy. So will your dad, who already has your place at the nunnery ready for you. He claims that you’ll never date, but how could the boys resist you? You’re adorable! You still stay with your babysitter and her daughter during the day, although we think we’ll move you to a daycare soon. You love Emma, but you’ve picked up an…odd habit. As soon as your dad or I walk in the door to pick you up, you walk over to Emma (who isn’t walking yet so she’s just sitting there, minding her own business) and…pet her. You pat her head and scratch it like we taught you to do with the pups. Melissa said you don’t do that during the day, only when we pick you up. But honey, she’s not a puppy. You’re getting more and more gentle with the dogs. You pet them and then put your head down and give them big hugs. They’re not really sure what to do with that, but they like it I think.

You’re still not saying much. Wait, that’s not true. You speak in incoherent tirades all day long. We just can’t understand what you’re saying. And you LOVE to talk on the phone. Dad and I watched you the other day pace back and forth across the library, the phone up to your ear, babbling. Every once in a while, you let out this fake laugh. You’ll make an excellent party guest someday. Always something to say, ready with a fake laugh to make people feel good. I’m not sure if it’s because your tongue isn’t making the shapes needed to sound out words, but the only thing you say is “Dadadadada.” Of course, sometimes it sounds like you’re saying “DooDoDoo.” I’m a little nervous when you DO start talking because if this babbling is any indication, you’ll never shut up. It’ll be questions and comments and fake laughs all day long. Kinda makes me glad you’ll be at daycare so you can talk to other kids and not me. Because sometimes kid, I like the silence.

Recently, you’ve become very attached to me. I can’t leave the room without you following me. More often than I like, I find you sitting outside the bathroom when I come out. You make your dad sit there, and sit on his lap, looking at the door until I come out. I love the attention, I really do. But, I’d also like to poop and not worry that everyone in the house is listening.

We’re moving next month into an apartment. It’s a little scary to me; three people and two dogs in a 1000 sq. foot apartment. But, they have a pool, and you love to swim. And a dog park and a playground. I think we’ll get out of the house with the dogs more since we won’t have to put them in the car. And you LOVE taking walks. This will be a perfect place for your walks, since we don’t have to worry about cars. You love walks, but apparently you don’t love walking in leaves. Every time we come up to a pile of leaves, you won’t walk through it, you won’t walk around it. We have to pick you up and put you down on the other side.

Now I’m rambling, but I want you to know that you crack me up everyday. You have a VERY strong personality (read: you’re stubborn as hell), so it’ll be a challenge to reign that in. But, we’re getting ready for it. I love you more everyday. It’s no surprise to me that you’ve saved my life. Waking up with you every morning puts me in a good mood. And no matter how bad a day I’ve had at work, when I walk in that door and see you run towards me (and then turn around and give Emma a pat on the head), everything melts.

I love you,


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  1. Roxx

    this is great…just happened to stumble on this and I don’t know you and you live on a whole other continent but I just had to say this is great and funny as hell. america’s got talent 😉

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