College Football Appetizers

The start of college football means many things to many people.  For us, it means the start of cooler weather (granted, here in Texas, that means not until November but whatevs), entire days spent in the Man Cave (aka our garage), and LOTS of boys over.  Lots of boys means there’s a lot of food.  

I don’t mind saying it, I love to cook.  And, I love it when the boys come over, they like to eat.  JR eats to stay alive; his friend really love food.  So anytime they come over, I bust out a few recipes that they all love (even JR!).

Here are some of my favorites.  

Fly’s Green Chili Enchiladas. These are SUPER easy and make enough for at least 5 or 6 boys.  Or, if I make them for just J and me, at least three nights of leftovers.

Crack Dip.  The name says it all.  The ingrediants?  Chicken, blue cheese, ranch dressing, cream cheese, cheddar cheese, Frank’s Red Hot.  How could you go wrong?

PW’s Bacon Wrap “Things.”  She claims it’s from 1981, but since I wasn’t ALIVE in 1981, I don’t remember that.  All I know is that we make two pans of these and they’re ALL gone in less than 20 minutes.  

PW’s Steak Sandwiches. While I’ve made these for a group of 20, they’re best eaten in a small group.  So you don’t have to share.

So what about you?  Any tried and true recipes for large groups of boys who LOVE food?


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  1. MrsMonkey

    A very popular favorite at my house are Bacon Tomato Cups: (not sure how to make that click-able, sorry!)

    Have you tried PW’s bacon-wrapped jalepenos? All the groups of boys I know will eat pretty much anything with bacon. haha!

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