Because I can’t make a decision by myself.

One of JR’s and my best friend, Katie was way too nice to spend an hour with Little Missy. I have a coupon for a canvas from Canvas On Demand, and my camera is still in the shop. She took over 200 pictures, and I’ve messed around with my favorite.

Now tell me, which one do you like?

Keep in mind that this is going on a 16×20 canvas, so it’s going to be much bigger!

So which do you think? I’m torn…



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5 responses to “Because I can’t make a decision by myself.

  1. ash

    ok i had to flip back through them a bunch of times…and i’m torn too. but i think i like #2 the best

  2. ash

    p.s. – i’m torn between #1 and #2. i think #3 is too etheral feeling considering the backdrop… i feel like it needs to be more sharp…

  3. MrsMonkey

    #2 gets my vote!

  4. I think I like #1 the best. The color contrast from one end of the wall to the other is really great and would AWESOME as a 16×20!

  5. Can’t see #2, so between #1 and #3, I like #1. The sharpness is going to soften up some on a canvas. Although… hmmm… a softer look on a canvas would have a nicer painting quality to it. What was #2? I’ll go with #2…

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