I went to happy hour with some friends last night and the topic of my 8.8.08 party came up.  They asked how the planning was going.


The extinct of my planning has been to figure out which drinking games we should play.  And how much beer we should buy.  Was there something else I was supposed to be thinking about?

One of the other girls is having an 8.8.08 party too (her’s is because she loves the number 8.  Mine’s for any excuse to drink to excess the Opening Ceremonies).  She’s taken the last two days off work.  She has people coming in from Dallas, Houston, even Colorado.  She has decorations.

I might wash the dishes before people show up.  Maybe.

Here’s what we have planned:

  • Everyone draws one of the animals from the Zodiac.  Anytime that animal is mentioned, they have to drink.  Did I mention that the whole Opening Ceremonies is based on the Zodiac?
  • Everyone draws countries that are participating.  If someone from one of your countries does any of the following, you have to drink: Wears a medal from a past Olympics, wields a video camera, cries (double points if it’s a man).  This could potentially be drawn out throughout the entire games.  Gold medal?  Drink.  Bob Costas mentions that an athlete from your country has “already won?”  Drink.  Feel good fluff piece on someone from your country?  Drink.
  • The only problem with this party is that our good friend, Germs, won’t be there.  We had high hopes of rigging the drawing so that he got China.  Cause he’s funny when he drinks a lot.

So, that’s my plan.  Any other suggestions?  I’d take pictures, but my (damn) camera is back in the shop.  Maybe Katers will bring hers?

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