Broken car, long drive and moving.

[yawn]  We’re home.  I’m back at work.  Exhausted.

I want to write about our trip, but there’s just too much to say.  So here’s the abridged version:

– Our car broke down in Savannah, Ga on Sunday morning.  The tow truck left us, with as much as we could carry, in the parking lot of an Exxon.  We rented a car, and drove the 5 hours to Holden Beach, then had to drive back Tuesday to pick up the car.  That trip took us 12 hours and we lost an entire day at the beach.  


– We drove for 24 hours this weekend to get back home.  This doesn’t include the 14 hours we stayed in New Orleans.  That’s another post.


– 24 hours in the car is A LOT of time in the car with just two people who can speak in cohearent sentences.  So, JR and I had a lot of time to talk.  We discussed moving out of Austin.  Again, another post.


Well, I guess not that much happened.  I’ll be working on some other posts, so I might post 3 times today.  Lucky you!  I have to make up for not posting at all last week.  Plus, I have some pictures I want to share.  It’s a little bit crazy how much Claire loved the ocean.  We couldn’t keep her out of it.  If she had her druthers, she would have spent all day in the water.  But, seeing as she 14 months and can’t swim yet, we didn’t allow that.  


Back to work.  I have 45 emails waiting for me…

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