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When I hear (or read) something funny, I tend to giggle about it all day.  I’ve mentioned this post before.  I still laugh when I think about how much I laughed the first time I read that.  Yes, I was pregnant.


Recently, I went back and re-read some of the archives of one of the funniest ladies in the blog-o-sphere.  This post in particular had tears rolling down my face.  Read the archives for more hilarity.   The way she starts sentences with “Ya’ll.” Kills me.


Even now, I’m reading it AGAIN, for the third time today, and I’m dying over here.  This one might not be work safe.  You might fall out of your chair.


This one is hilarious too.  Why she feels the need to specify that she was carrying an encyclopedia while she fell down the stairs just cracks my shit up.  


I really need to stop reading these at work.  It’s a good thing I’m alone in my office.


This is funny because JR does the same thing in his sleep (I mean, kinda.  He’s never inquired about my wheels before), but I can never remember the conversation the next day.

Plus, I think it’s hilarious when people use the phrase “…the FUCK?”


In other news, being a mother, I’m used to finding random things in random places.  I’ve found spots on weird places on my shirt, and more than once have found food in my purse.  This isn’t new. 


Which is why I wasn’t entirely surprised to find a Cheerio in my bra.  What WAS surprising was the location.  It was on the side.  On the Under My Arm part.  Even more surprising?  It’s been at least a week since Claire has had Cheerios.  Where did it come from?  I swear I’ve taken my bra off since then.  


…the FUCK?

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