countdown. 3 1/2 days

Dude.  I’m peeling and I haven’t even been to the beach yet.  We went to the pool last weekend and I got a little red on my chest.  Now the area between my boobs is all peely and itchy.  And it itches the more I think about it.


Countdown to Road Trip from Hell – T-Minus 3 ½ days.  And we still haven’t really done anything.  I’ve gone grocery shopping, and done Claire’s laundry, but I have SO MUCH to do yet.


When I stressed, I like to make a list.  Here’s what I have to do before Thursday  night:

  • Clean out the car
  • Get an oil change
  • Pack Claire
  • Pack myself
  • Pack JR
  • Repack the porta-crib so its not 17 feet wide
  • Record The Biscuit Brothers onto my camera
  • Burn The Biscuit Brothers onto DVDs
  • Find 4 towels
  • Find Claire’s sunscreen
  • Find out when we’re taking the dogs to our friend’s house
  • Pack the cooler
  • Figure out what’s going in the backseat and what’s going in the trunk
  • Move the car seat to behind the driver’s side so we can sleep in the car
  • Find the recipe for Shrimp Perlo


So yeah.  That’s a lot.  But don’t worry!  JR found things to do if we need to stop.  Like this  and this .


Thanks honey.  You’ve been a HUGE help.


I wish I could take this week off to prepare for next week.  But, as soon as we get there, it’ll be like nothing was ever stressing me out.  I’ll look out the back door of the house and see the ocean.  I’ll walk 40 feet and my feet will be in the water.  I’ll be with some of my favorite people in the world.  I’m so glad we can go.  I’m so glad my husband and daughter get to experience this wonderful tradition.  


This is a real vacation.  There’s nothing planning except getting up and going to the beach.  Sometimes we go deep sea fishing.  Sometimes we go shopping.  But mostly, we hang out with the family and relax. 


I can’t wait.

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  1. Sorry you’re peeling/itchy. Use LOTS of regular lotion and stay away from the aloe vera now that you’re already peeling. AV just makes the itching worse….

    Good luck getting ready!!

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