The Human Party!

Hello everyone from Austin!  It’s your DJ, Cor-izzle, my nizzle!  

[ughm, could I BE more Caucasian?]

Ahem.  We’re here LIVE from The Human Party hosted by Single Working Mommy.  

*cough cough*  Sorry, the glitter is practically EYE LEVEL in here!


We’ve got music, drinks and dancing.  In fact, the sponsors went all out for this party.  Just look at the tables they brought in for the event.  What are you drinking?  I’ve thrown out my money woes and gotten the best of the best here, people.  Not only am I drinking the official beer of Texas, I’m drinking it in our Man Cave (the garage) with my Super-Cool wardrobe of crappy white t-shirt and flops.  Oh, and I went to the salon just for you girls…see!

I’ll be (hopefully) hosting a talky session with some of the A-Listers here, so keep checking back.

And get your groove on!


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One response to “The Human Party!

  1. singleworkingmommy

    I’m glad you’re having a good time! *Sipping on gin & juice*

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