This is an interesting seuge…

I read a lot.  When I was pregnant and on bed rest, I  read a book or two a day.  Since Claire’s been born, I slowed down considerably.  I just don’t have time at night to read that much.

So I read blogs at work.  They’re usually the perfect length and often very funny.  But, I’ve noticed a rather disturbing trend in the blogs I read.

Almost none of the women who write them go to pee if their husband is in the bathroom.

Most of them don’t even go in the bathroom if their husband is in there.

This is disturbing because….well…I do.  

The first house JR and I lived in had three bedrooms, but only one bathroom.  I can distinctly remember sitting on the pot, while JR sat against the wall in the hallway, planning our vacation.

The second house we lived in had a half bath that backed up into the full bath.  You walked from the hallway, through the half bath, into the full bath.  JR would sit on the toilet while I took a bath.

We just don’t really care.

Of course, if JR’s dropping a deuce, I’m not going to go keep him company.  But, I’ve peed in front of him, and vice versa.

Is that weird?



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4 responses to “This is an interesting seuge…

  1. Keri

    Not weird at all…..I’ll do whichever while DH is in the room and visa versa…no fear for me.

  2. Never going to happen. Some things just need to be kept to yourself.


  3. MrsMonkey

    Not weird, but also NOT for me or MrMonkey. I need my private time!

  4. I don’t understand it either – I always pee with the door open (unless someone that isn’t family/close friend is there) . It took my DH 5 years and having major surgery where I had to help him go to the bathroom in the hospital to get him to actually pee in front of me. Glad to know I’m not the only one that is so comfortable about it.

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