Road trip preperation

In about a week and a half, JR, Claire and I will be attempting to drive 21 hours (one way!) to North Carolina for my Mom’s family reunion.  I’m thrilled, excited, scared shitless.  All the things you’d imagine when faced with travelling 21 hours (did I mention that is ONE WAY?!) with a 14 month old.


Because Claire can’t spend more than about 3 hours in the car at a time, we’re planning on leaving Friday night, driving all night and then taking it easy Saturday.  We can’t get into the house at the beach until 1 on Sunday, so we’ll stop in Jacksonville to stay with my cousin Saturday night, and take our time Sunday.  It’s about 6 hours from Jacksonville to where we’re staying.  Which is actually more like 8 hours in 14 month-old time.


We’re preparing for this trip (oops.  Did I say “we?”  I meant “I”) in a number of ways.  

I’ve got a list of snacks, I’ve hidden toys so they seem new to her, and I’m working on putting together a DVD of her favorite show, The Biscuit Brothers.


Before any one yells at me for letting her watch TV, I should just say….whatever, shut up.  There.  I told them!


Anyway, we have 5 episodes recorded on our DVR, but we can’t get them to our computer (which is hooked up to the TV) so we can burn them onto a DVD.


Why?  I don’t know.  Something to do with a video capture card.   I honestly don’t have any idea.


So, while JR is souring the internet for a  way to do this with a firewire cable (Me: Huh? JR: I don’t have a video capture card, but I’ve found whisperings from the internet that I can do it with a blah…blah…blah…” Sorry, I stopped listening.) I have found a way to record the show without all the confusing technology.



Yep.  I push play on the DVR, push record on the video camera, and as long as the dogs don’t bark and no one says anything, we’re set.  It actually works pretty well.  As soon as I get them off my camera, I’ll post a snippit for you to watch.


So, there you have it.  Innovation at its best!


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2 responses to “Road trip preperation

  1. And I grant you with the Mother of the Year award, Travel category, because all of those things are a freaking awesome idea.

    Sheer mother genius. Men are over-rated 🙂

  2. Amanda Frazier

    Oh i am so glad you guys are going to get to go. Have a safe trip and see you guys when you get back. We should have our first sonogram on the 1st so next time i see you i will bring it over!!!

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