The Beach and my kid brother

     Every year, since before I was born, my Mom’s family gets together for a reunion.  It started at cabins in Ohio, moved to Gulf Shores, AL for 10 years.  We’ve been to a lake in Maryland and are now visiting Holden Beach, NC.  No matter where we go, we always call it The Beach

[note:  this confuses JR since the first time we went to The Beach, we actually stayed at a lake in Maryland.]


JR, Claire and I went last year from Oklahoma City.  We’re talking about going this year.  However, on any given day, I change my mind as to whether or not we SHOULD go.


On one hand, it’s the most relaxing vacation I’ve ever taken.


On the other hand, we really can’t afford it.


On the first hand, going means we get to see family we only see once a year, if that.  Two of my favorite

cousins are going this year and I haven’t seen them in 3 years.


On the other had, we really don’t have the money.


On the first hand, my dad offered to give us money in exchange for help with various things around his house.


On the other hand, we should put that money in savings.


It’s a very hard decision.  I want to go – more than anything – but I’m having a really hard time justifying it to my frugal [read: cheap] mind.  I guess I’ll just decide the day before we’re supposed to leave.


In other vacation news, my little brother is in England right now.  He’s studying at the University of Kent in Canterbury.  I went to England with the same program 6 years ago.


Wait.  6 years!  Has it really been that long?!  Wow.  Anyway, JR and I were discussing the differences from when I when I went.  First of all, I didn’t have a digital camera.  I had 17 disposable cameras.  I had a huge video camera.  Mikey’s travelling with a small digital camera that is rechargeable!  He doesn’t even have to carry around batteries!  It really hit the mark when I watched an interview with the guys who were held captive in Columbia.  One of them met his 5 year old twins – for the first time.  They mentioned being amazed that cell phones could now take pictures and video.  They were in awe of the technology now.


It got me thinking.  What do you think will evolve drastically in the next 6 years?




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