13 Months


Today you turn 13 months old.  I think I’ll probably start all of these newsletters with “Dear Claire.  Today you turn ___ months old.  I can’t effing believe it.”

Wait, maybe I shouldn’t cuss in these.  You’re going to read them someday.  How about “Dear Claire.  Today you turn ___ months old. My goodness, how time flies.”  That’s better.

 Annnnywaaaay, you’re 13 months old.  Last month we had your first birthday.  You were hilarious.  Your Aunt and Uncles, and both Grandmas and Grandpa all came in town, just for you.  Your mama even made a cake. cake And kid, you KNEW it was your birthday.  You were walking around the house with your cousins Lily and Jane following you everywhere.  It’s like you were showing off your house.  I’m pretty sure you didn’t sleep the whole weekend.  You opened presents (but you liked the ones in bags best, because of the tissue paper), you ate cake (but didn’t get too messy – until your Grandfather put your plate on your head), you were a perfect hostess (even waking up at 3am, just to make sure everyone was sleeping well).  It was awesome.

You outgrew your baby bathtub this month. bath One night you were fine in it, the next your knees were up to your ears and you were looking at me like I was crazy to put you in that little thing.  I have to admit, this whole “You In The Tub With Nothing To Keep You From Falling Except Mama’s Hands (which are always right behind you)” thing freaks me out.  Mostly because you insist on walking around the whole thing.   This may not be a big deal to anyone else, but this month we also started rinsing your hair with water from a cup, instead of just wetting our hand.  You do. Not. Like. That.  But, we’re teaching you how to look up so you don’t get as much water in your eyes.  It’s not a big deal, it just reminds me every night how fast you’re growing.

 You are having a great time with your Dad during the day.  It’s really hard to me to be away from you all day, but I’m so glad you got to spend this time with your Dad.  You wrestle, and watch Signing Time (right?) and read a lot.  It’s good for you to spend this time -just you and him, but it’s also good for him to spend this time with you.  He didn’t get to see you much when he was working and he’s going back to work in a few days, so he’ll see you even less.  But it’s so neat to see the games you two play and the inside jokes you have.  He tells me that one of your favorite games is with your sippy cups.  You place them in three different parts of the house, and throughout the day, you rotate them.  He says he never knows what color you’ll have when you come around the corner.  You walk with them hanging out of your mouth and everyone once in a while you’ll tilt the cup up and take a big swig.  Then you’ll sigh, like “Dude.  Water is gooooooood. Ahhhhhhhh.”

Mama and Dad are getting a lot better about your nap times and bedtime.  But, if  we’re out and you’re tired, you don’t cry.  You go…how can I put this nicely…batshit crazy.  A few nights ago we went to the store after I got home from work.  You needed some bath toys.  We pushed it a little too far, and you were tired.  But, instead of crying or fussing, you just ran around.  And jabbered. At one point, you were just running up and down an aisle.  You don’t make out words yet, but you certainly have something to say.  It’s almost as if you were telling us a very animated story.  We just couldn’t understand you.  One of these days, I’m going to get it on camera because it’s hilarious. 

away I know I’ve said this before (and get used to it, I’m going to be saying it a lot more), but I can’t believe you’re 13 months old.  I was rocking you the other night before I put you in your crib and I couldn’t believe how tall you were.  I can’t tell you what an amazing feeling it is when I walk in the door after work, and you come running towards me with a big smile on your face.  It doesn’t matter what kind of day I’ve had, seeing you excited to see me makes everything ok.  Every single day, I ask myself, “Am I doing this right?  Will she turn out ok?  How can I be better?”  But when you give me a hug, I don’t wonder anymore.  Sure, I’m always going to wonder how I can do better to help you turn out to be a good kid.  But at night, when your head is on my shoulder, and you’re holding on to my sleeve, I think “Look at how good I did. Just look at how good you are.”







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