In which I ramble about nothing for way too long…

When I was in high school and the early part of college, I always imagined I’d live in a high rise somewhere. It didn’t necessarily have to be New York; Boston or Chicago would be fine.
I would have an impeccable sense of fashion, great legs from walking everywhere and a subway pass. I’d have a Very Important Job and great shoes. I’d eat out every night, learn to like martinis and never go more than a month without an eyebrow wax.
Somewhere along the line, all that changed. I have terrible fashion sense and only marginally nice legs. I’ve ridden in a subway only a handful of times in my life. I hate martinis and I haven’t gotten my eyebrows waxed in almost a year.
So what was I looking for, with my urban life? Freedom? Excitement? Adventure?
I wanted more than little New Braunfels or Sam Marcos could offer me. Even Austin seemed like a huge step out of my comfort zone.
Now, I live in Austin. I’ve also lived in the OKC, but we don’t count that. We live in a house on a cul-d-sac with a yard (that the hubs never mows…but that’s another post). We have 2 dogs and a daughter. I’m almost 26, but I feel 40. I’ve done the drinking-till-the-wee-hours-of-the-morning thing. I’ve been to Europe. I lived in Ann Arbor for a summer. So why do I feel like I’m missing out of something? What is it that I want? More? But, what does that entail? I don’t want to drink every night anymore, but maybe happy hour would be fine. I can’t imagine living in an apartment, but maybe closer to downtown. I never want to leave Austin, but I’m so…comfortable here.
Maybe I should DO more. Get out of the house, take pictures, go to the Farmer’s Market, fly kites at Zilker, walk around downtown. This city has so much to offer, and we really don’t take advantage of it.
I want to really live, because right now I feel like I’m waiting for something to happen. I don’t know what that something is, but I know that I can’t keep waiting for it. I need to make it happen. I’ll make it a point to get out of the house at least once during the weekend. The weather is beautiful (albeit a tad hot for a yank like me), and we should be outside. Starting Sunday, I’m doing it. I don’t know what, but I’m doing it!

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