Excuse me…

I haven’t taken a shower today.
I hope I don’t smell as much as I think I do.
6am is a time for getting up, not going to bed.
I miss my baby.
Oh yeah, and my husband.
But mostly my baby.
Coffee and a smoke kills all remnants of a hangover.
It’s a wet, chilly day. I love it.
The father of the bride got stuck in the elevator last night. He was sweaty and pissed when he got out. But, the mother of the bride thought it was hilarious. That’s good.
I should really change. I look like a slob.
It’s really quiet in this house. No little pitter-patter of feet.
Oh, did I mention that Claire is walking now. Thursday when I got home, she walked to me. 5 or 6 steps.
She’s quick, that little girl.
Now I -really- need to baby proof the house. At least to the 3 ft mark.
Ok. Wash face, brush teeth. Eat.


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