Wow. I can’t believe it’s been a month since I last posted. What has happened….

Let’s see. Christmas was exhausting. San Marcos, New Braunfels then all over Houston with a 6 month old really takes its toll. But it was nice, seeing everyone.

I’m helping Katie with her wedding, and I signed a new bride. I’m well on my way to becoming a professional! Now, if I could only get paid…

Bridal Extravaganza is Saturday. Can’t wait!

My bathroom smells like Dove soap and clean babies. I love walking in there.

I’m reading Eat, Pray, Love. It’s, like anyone who’s read it, amazing. I’m about a fourth of the way through and already wishing I were a better writer. But, I figured out why I’m not. I get distracted too easily. While I’m writing something, I’m thinking of other things I could be doing: signing up for twitter, contacting CJ to congratulate him on his recent engagement and offering my services, emailing Becky.

Anyway, it’s great and if you haven’t read it, you need to.

Hang on a sec…

I’m back…like weeks later. BE was really great. I got 7 contacts. One of them is a beautiful lady living in DC, getting married at the Driskill. We had an interview, I sent her a proposal and am waiting to hear from her. So, keep your fingers crossed.

Claire is sleeping through the night! I’m pretty sure she gets up and fusses a little bit, but we have the moniter off, so I don’t know. If she really cries, I can hear her from my room. Naps are TERRIBLE, but one step at a time.

I don’t know. My life is pretty full with “work” now (I use quotes because I haven’t gotten paid yet!) so I’m pretty much hanging with Grub and working. It’s awesome.

Oh, we’re going to Disney World on Saturday with J’s family. It’s going to be crazy and exhausting, but it should be fun.

Now, I’m back to reading other people’s blog, instead of writing in my own.

Later, players.


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