Ugh. Claire’s been sick for the past 4 days. Which means she’s not sleeping well. Which means she’s a cranky baby. I mean, she’s a great baby, so any amount of crankiness is MORE than I’m used to.

Things I’ve been thinking about:

Why does Annie clean Leo’s glasses? Is Leo too good to clean his own glasses?

Why have I been spending money on expensive toys when Claire’s completly entertained by a burp cloth or a nasal aspirator?

I was listening to a morning show this morning and a lady emailed them with this problem:
She’s pregnant and her husband is “demanding” that she stay home when the baby’s born. She doesn’t think that she should have to give up her career “just because a baby is in the mix.”
While I wouldn’t have put it THAT way, I agree with her wholeheartly. Why should she have to give up the career she (hopefully) worked hard for? They BOTH made the baby. Why isn’t an option that HE stay home? If it’s that important to him, maybe he should think about staying home himself.
A woman called in saying that you can re-do your career, but you can’t re-raise your kids. I agree with that too, but way to make this woman feel guilty!

There are SO many reasons moms feel guilty every day. The last thing moms need is for men, or even more so other moms, to make them feel worse about their decisions. I can think of 5 things every day that I feel guilty about with Claire. Hell, I thought I was going to breastfeed for years, but it turned out being mearly weeks.

Speaking of that, my mom (without meaning to) made me feel terrible that I’m not breastfeeding. Let me ‘splain. Claire is a TERRIBLE eater. She always has been. She’s too busy looking around, or doing other things to eat. She wouldn’t latch, and couldn’t figure out how to suck. I pumped for a few weeks, but my milk finally dried up.

I called my mom the other day to ask her if I got ear infections when I was a kid. I thought Claire might have an ear infection, and my little brother had TERRIBLE ear infections. She said that I didn’t, and she thought it was because she breastfed me. I know it doesn’t seem like much, but when I already feel like I should have done more to keep Claire breastfeeding, I don’t need someone telling me that she might get more ear infections because she’s eating formula.

Anyway, my point is that there are hundreds of ways moms feel guilty. So, if you know a mom, tell her what a great job she’s doing. She might not believe you then, but it’ll make her feel great when she’s unsure about herself.


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