Updated list

1. Teach Claire sign language
2. Pay every bill on time, everytime
3. Join (and participate in) a book club
4. Write at least 3 times a week
5. Read one book a month
6. Break Claire of the pacifier habit
7. Send a juicy secret to Postsecret
8. Write a will
9. Beat Paul Evans at darts
10. Learn more about my camera
11. Take pictures in full manual mode
12. Get a (paying) job
13. Donate blood
14. Make a “101 things that make me happy” list
15. Walk everyday – even if it’s just through the aisles of Target
16. Attend a book signing
17. Go to a night out at Esters Follies
18. Enjoy a gospel brunch at Stubb’s
19. Buy a house
20. Lose 20 lbs
21. Reconnect with 3 old friends
22. Take a cooking class
23. Help Addie get her business up and running
24. Have at least one date night with J a month
25. Get a couple’s massage
26. Own an original piece of artwork
27. Send flowers to my mom
28. Leave 10 Post-It notes with my favorite quotes in random places
29. Have my fortune told
30. Have a girl’s weekend
31. Learn how to smoke a cigar
32. Buy a designer purse
33. Quit. No, really quit.
34. Find a hairstylist and
35. Get a haircut I really love
36. Pay off my credit cards
37. Learn how to open a bottle of wine with a sword or big knife
38. Bake bread from scratch
39. Learn how to make Crémé Brulee
40. Make someone’s day…again and again
41. Read to Claire every night
42. Encourage someone to do something they wouldn’t otherwise do
43. Do something I wouldn’t otherwise do
44. Take a dance class
45. Write Claire a letter
46. Finish this list before November 1st
47. Take 20 pictures I’m really proud of
48. Go to a shooting range
49. Put the clothes away straight from the dryer
50. Get hypnotized
51. Get to the point where I drink coffee black
52. Do a crossword puzzle all by myself
53. Tell someone exactly what I think of them (good or bad)
54. Stay at a nice hotel downtown, just because
55. Organize my recipes
56. Pay off my medical bills
57. Organize and store important documents
58. Get a tattoo
59. Get a bikini wax
60. Go to a vineyard and do a wine tasting
61. Go to Taste of Austin
62. Go to First Thursday
63. Floss everyday
64. Take a photography class
65. Make Claire a 1 year photo album
66. Make Claire a 2 year photo album
67. Make Claire a 3 year photo album
68. Start a dinner club
69. Hehehehe
70. Re-Learn CPR
71. Fly First Class
72. Create a master list with all “in case of emergency” information (including vehicle & bank account info) to keep in safe
73. Buy a safe to keep the aformentioned documents in…
74. Sincerely thank or compliment someone daily.
75. vote in 2008 election and be proud of my choice
76. Create a budget and stick to it for at least 3 months
77. Create a meal plan for every week and stick to it for at least 1 month
78. Print photos when I upload them and put them in an album
79. Never leave dirty dishes in the sink when I go to bed
79. Fill my bookcases with books
80. Visit New England and eat fresh lobster
81. Go on a cruise
82. Fix JR’s credit
83. Buy something for someone that they want, but can’t justify spending the money for
84. Keep a “best thing about today “journal on this blog
85. Compliment a service person to supervisor
86. See a comedian at Cap City Comedy Club
87. Make every thing for a Thanksgiving dinner from scratch


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