I’m tired.

I went to my mom’s this week while J is out of town. We had a great time. She’s [kinda] dating this guy, Mark. They met while my mom was looking for hardwood floors! Its a long story, and I won’t get into it, but she’s really smitten. Its cute, but I really don’t want her to get hurt. I feel like going up to him and threatening him with his life if he hurts her. Its weird to be on this side of the relationship. Courtney wondered how I could be ok with my mom being with someone who isn’t my dad. I think it’s because while they haven’t been divorced that long, they’ve been acting like they are for a while. Hell, they told me when I was in first grade that they were getting a divorce. And they didn’t until I was a Junior in college. Plus, my dad’s been married and widowed, and my mom’s been dating a lot. I just want her to be happy. And she looks so happy now.

The weather is beautiful right now. It’s cold in the mornings and night and perfect during the day. It reminds me of when I was in Michigan. Perfect weather is when you can’t FEEL the weather. You’re not hot or cold. In fact, I’m outside now while Claire takes a nap.

Claire and I have been spending a lot of time outside. She’s really getting aware of the dogs now. She loves it when they lick her hands and she’s always reaching for them. She’s reaching for everything now. And, it’s a lot harder to keep her occupied. It used to be that I could give her a toy and do something [read: go to the bathroom, get a drink of water], but now she gets bored with all the toys we have. Time to get new toys!

I need to get on the ball posting the pictures I’ve been taking. More later with her Halloween costume!


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