Again, baby’s down for a nap (again in her crib ::again, takes a bow::). She’s really easy. I’m not sure if we paid extra for that or what, but getting her to go to sleep isn’t as hard as I thought it would be. See, now she’s going to change and never sleep. Because I just said that. Crap.

My mother-in-law sent us some tutu’s today. They’re adorable! I’ve been thinking of making my own, and then she goes and makes some. Damn creative mother-in-law! But, I’ve still got the psudo-babylegs on her. So there!
(She’ll totally make them, better, once she gets more time. Bah.)

I’ll post pictures soon. That’s our afternoon activity. Dress-up.

Here’s the schedule I’m trying out. Hopefully this is something we can stick to.

7:30 – wake up. (Or sometimes 6:30, depending on when she went to bed the night before)
8:30 – FINALLY finish the bottle. She screws around with it, chit chats, pulls it out and puts it back in. It takes an hour.
8:35 – Walk to Starbucks for coffee and adult interaction.
9:30 – Home, baby down for nap
(Hopefully) 11:30 – Baby up from nap, eat again
12:30 – Finish bottle, play a little bit. Work on getting her to roll from her front to her back.
1:30 or 2 – Nap time
4 – Back up, another hour long feeding. Play dress up, bounce a little bit, maybe work rolling again.
7:30 – the 4 B’s. Bath, bottle, book, bed.

We’ll see how this works out.

I ran some errands sans baby yesterday because J was flying to OKC so he didn’t go into work. HIs flight left at 4, which means he had to be at the airport between 2 and 2:30. This means leaving our house at 1:30. I knew that while I was out, so I kept my eye on the clock. J calls me at 12:30 in a panic:
“Where are you?!”
“I have one more errand, I’ll be home in 15 minutes.”
“Well, I have to leave in an hour and I’m not showered or packed yet.”
First off, I know when he has to leave. I TOLD him that morning when he had to leave. Secondly, shower and pack. All things you can do with a baby. But, maybe she’s been clingy and he wasn’t able to do them.
I get home 15 minutes later and she’s babbling away in her bouncer. He’s still in his boxers.
“ARGH! I still have to shower and pack!!” He’s very frazzled.
I tell him he could have taken her in the bathroom with him and showered.
He looks at me like I’m crazy. “No, I’m not comfortable with that. What if she cries, what if she rolls out of her bouncer?”
(Both things she’s never done before when I do it).
I ask him how he thinks I take showers when he’s not around.
“I thought you waited for her to take a nap.”
Ok, good guess. But, has she taken a nap today? She sleeps really well in her crib.
“About 15 minutes in her bouncer.”
Anyway, we get him off to the airport and when I get home, I try to put her down for a real nap, knowing that if she doesn’t have one, she’ll be cranky all night. And, I’m by myself.
No dice. I get about 45 minutes out of her before my mom calls wanting her ‘Claire Fix.’
Ok, we meet her in south Austin for dinner and Claire’s PISSED! Can’t believe I would even consider making her stay in that car for longer than 10 minutes. Why would I even THINK she wanted to see Grandma? She cries almost the whole time we’re there and the whole drive back. I get her home, try to give her a bottle and she wants none of it. I’m so frustrated by now that I put her in her crib so I can walk away for a few seconds.
She’s asleep before I get to her door.

That’s it. I’m going to try to take a little nap myself.



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