Well, J is off. He is flying to DC today, then flying to Detriot on Tuesday. He flys back into the OKC late Wednesday night.

Know what that means to me?

That means that I’m here, by myself, with Claire and two dogs until we move. That means that I have to be here for the packers (who come on Tuesday) and the movers (who come Wednesday morning). Then, I have to drive to Austin with Claire.

Yeah, it’s a little stressful.

Luckily, my dad is flying up Tuesday afternoon to be here when the movers are here. I’m taking the dogs to the vet on Wedensday and J’s picking them up on Friday.

Before the packers get here, I have a TON to do:

Clean up the kitchen
Pack clothes, diapers, wipes, the pack-n-play, toys, blankets, burp clothes, the tub, a towel, baby shampoo, bottles, the sanitizer, formula, pacifiers and the bouncy seat for Claire.
Pack two sets of sheets for us to sleep in on Tuesday night
Take the trash out
Go through the bathroom closets and throw away anything we don’t want packed
Do about 70 loads of laundry so all our clothes are clean when they get packed
Pack anything I might need while I’m in NB at my mom’s
Call the electric company to set up for the electricity to be turned off on Saturday
Clean out the fridge
Set up the cable in the new place
Ans, you know, take care of a 3 month old.
*sigh* It’s going to be a long week…


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