From a girl I used to know…..

1. If tomorrow you had to move to anywhere else in the world as long as it was at least one mile from your current residence, where would you go?
– A year ago: Canterbury, England
– Today: Austin

2. What’s something you might be found doing on any given Thursday night?
– A year ago: Drinking and playing The Dogo at Barfly’s
– Today: Making dinner and settling in for some Grey’s

3. If I opened your refrigerator & pulled out something that warranted an explanation, what would it be & what would your explanation be?
– A year ago: A bottle of champagne waaaaaay in the back. “It’s from our Cocktail party. I’m saving it for when Jen and I go back to my house after my birthday party.”
– Today: A bowl of what looks like fish and cilantro. “I made Cerveche…a few weeks ago.”

4. What’s something that has happened to you in the past 5 years that if someone had predicted it would have happened, you wouldn’t have believed him or her?
– Five years ago I was 20. If I knew I would be living in the OKC, pregnant, I’d never believe you. Hell, If you told me last year I’d be living in the OKC, pregnant, I’d never believe you!

5. Favorite thing about your best friend/friends?
– They make me laugh. Hard.

6. What did you once swear you’d never do that you do now?
– A year ago: Smoke
– Today: Eat chocolate by the pound.

7. Name a street in your town that makes you verklempt to travel down / think about.
– NB: River Road
– Austin: 183, at four in the morning.

8. An old friend from the past is in town for the evening & wants to take you to dinner wherever you want to go – where do you choose?
– A year ago: Miksasa
– Today: Mickey Mantles

9. What’s a sound or noise that irritates you to the point where you end up in a bad mood?
– Bad Top 40’s music.

10. If you could relive any part of your childhood for a few hours, what would it be?
– Any time we lived in Denver.

11. Everyone has oddities – what’s one of yours?
– I’m kinda obsessed with cleaning little places. Like, the groves in my phone.

12. The next time someone asks you “what’s going on in your life” when you’re actually dying to share something with anyone, as opposed to saying “nothing new” what do you think your answer will be?
– Hehehe. This might be TMI, but oh well. I’d say “My poop is dark green from the iron I’m taking, my farts smell really bad, and my calves and ankles are now combined.”

13. When something terrible happens like a car accident or the like, and you’re not involved but you’re close to it, how do you react?
– I tend to freak out a little bit. But that’s because for some reason, I always put myself in the accident in my head.

14. If you got a pet that you’ve never had before and don’t currently have, what would it be?
– A little monkey.

15. Your next vacation can be anything you want so long as you take it alone – what do you choose?
– A cruise.

16. A secret admirer anonymously deposited $50,000 in your bank account. What are you going to do with all or some of it?
– Pay off credit card, and then put a down payment on a house. In Austin.

17. For whatever reason, you come to the conclusion that you can no longer do whatever it is you currently do for a living. What’s next?
– I’d probably go back to school and get my teacher’s certificate.

18. You need to think & clear your head; where do you go, what do you do?
– A year ago: I’d go sit outside my *$
– Today: My back yard and play with the dogs, or go to Coco Flow for a frozen hot chocolate.

19. You have become terribly intoxicated at a dinner party and in an effort to keep us from taking your keys away, you have placed them in a secret hiding place so discreet that even your drunk ass forgot where you put them; where might you find them when you sober up embarrassed and hungover the next morning?
– Gosh…it’s been so long since I got drunk…probably behind some books in my bookcase.

20. You’re having a terrible day and you’re even pissed at the fact that you got out of bed to experience it; what happens that turns everything around?
– A year ago: I go to Barfly’s and hang out with my friends, drink the girrly parts shot, and laugh as much as I can.
– Today: I get in my car, windows down, music up, with a milkshake or Sonic drink, and drive around.


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