Um. Does anyone else realize it’s March. Middle of March, actually.

MARCH! I can’t believe it! Time certainly flies when you’re…not doing much.
A list of things I’ve done in the last two months:

Been to 4 doctor’s appointments.
Failed my 1 hour gluecose test.
Sat in a recliner during the three hour test.
Ate more food in a weekend (as per doctor’s orders) than I think I ever have before.
Helped J strip and stain a dresser (and by help I mean, work for an hour, get frustrated, make J stop what he’s doing and finish it. But, I watched! Well, most of it…)
Drove home and to Houston for an amazing baby shower.
Decided on a rocker for the nursery.
Re-organized the dresser in the nursery.
Read about 14 books.
Watched about 72 hours of CSI.
Did NOT buy new shoes or clothes. : (
Drank 1072 gallons of water.
Peed 725 times.

See? Not much.
But, the next few weeks will be pretty eventful. J’s in Austin this weekend for work, so I’ve got a quiet weekend. But on Tuesday Paul, Jeremy and Huff come in town until Friday. Then, J and I go back to Austin the following Thursday for a vacation. The weekend after that, my mom and brother are coming in town. The weekend after THAT, my dad will be here.
Then? It’s the middle of April. And? I’ll be 33 weeks pregnant.
*falls out of chair*

But other than that, I’m not doing much. I’m getting into taking pictures (gah, how cliche!) and I’m hoping to get Photoshop to play around with. I joined a photography website, and am actually learning a lot. I’ve also become obsessed with pictures of newborns. I want to take my own pictures of Grub and make a coffee table book…and I’m finding a lot of websites that are giving me great ideas.
My favorite is :
She’s really amazing.

Anyway…that’s about it. Sorry, Mandy, that it’s been so long! Give that little girl a big kiss for me!



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