When we were in the ultrasound room, we could watch Grub (Eh….erm….I mean Claire. Man, I’m going to miss that nickname) wiggle around and kick. She moves a LOT. My placenta is anterior, which means it’s between my belly and her. This also means that I won’t feel her kick as much. This is great, because she is one active little girl. Anyway, the ultrasound tech let us just watch her for a little bit. She was moving her legs around a lot, but her ankles were always crossed (always a lady). She was also chit-chatting a lot. Her little mouth was moving the whole time we were watching her. Yep, definitely my daughter.
And then she yawned.
And my heart broke into a thousand pieces.
And I instantly felt better because I was so worried that I’d be apathetic about this baby. But, with that one yawn, my world shifted. I’ve never felt anything like it.
I’m in love!


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