Things I thought today…

Next time someone offers you a piece of chocolate cake with chocolate icing at 9:15 in the morning, decline. Your stomach will thank you. Now, don’t get me wrong. I plan on having another piece after lunch.

Three people with birthdays at the office hopefully mean food! Hooray food!

Actual thought process last night, after I got home from work:

Me: I’m hungry
Also Me: You’re always hungry.
Me: So? I haven’t eaten in at least two hours. I deserve a pickle.
AM: Fine. A pickle is fine.

::waddles into kitchen, opens 1 gallon jar of whole dill pickles, picks out the biggest one::

Me: Yuuuum. Pickles.
AM: Wow, this is salty. You should get something to drink.
Me: Ohh! Drink! Orange Juice!

:: waddles back into kitchen. Pours tall glass of Orange Juice::

Me: Yuuuum. Orange Juice.
AM: Still really salty. And, now I want something else.
Me: What else is in the pantry?

::waddles back into kitchen, opens pantry drawer and pulls out the first thing that looks good.::

Me: Yuuum. Peanut Butter.
AM: I can’t believe you’re sitting here, eating a pickle and peanut butter.
Me: Yuuuum.

Yeah. It’s a good thing J didn’t come home just then. He would have been so grossed out.

I actually know two people who are competing in UFC in March. Jen would be so excited!


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