bloat and home.

Everything gets bigger when you’re pregnant. Your ankles disappear and there becomes a straight line from your knee to your foot. The blood vessels (I think) in your nose will expand to unimaginable sizes, causing not only your sense of smell to heighten but also the frequency of clogged sinuses. Your toes will swell to the size of cocktail weenies and you won’t be able to get your shoes off. All of this happens no matter how much water you drink. I’m up to at least 37 bottles of water a day and still I have cankles, a stuffy nose, and cocktail weenies in my shoes. Plus, I’m cold all the time. I remember the days when the heater in my belly caused me to have hot flashes when it was 37 degrees out. Not anymore. I’m asking J to turn the heat up. I’m wearing my coat at work. I’m sleeping wearing pants. PANTS! Can you believe it?! And Holy exhaustion Batman! I’m so tired. Not even just tired, although I could fall asleep at any moment. I have no energy. It takes 10 minutes of psyching myself out to get up to go to the bathroom. And I pee approximately every 43 minutes, so once every half hour I’m summoning all my energy to stand up. All that walking makes me more tired. It’s a never-ending cycle, I tell you.

It sucks.

But, I leave tomorrow to go home. Home makes everything better. Home makes me forget about the mini hotdogs in my shoes. Home makes me laugh. Home is warmer, no matter the temperature. At Home, it’s ok to lay on the couch if I can’t summon the energy to get up, but when I’m Home, I DO have the energy to get up. The amazing powers of Home astound me. I can’t wait to go Home.


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