Random Thoughts:

1. There’s a girl in my office that drives me crazy. One of the main reasons of this is that her cell phone ringer is “Rudolph, the Red Nosed Reindeer.” And it rings ALL.THE.TIME.
2. I only gained 2 pounds since my last doctor’s appointment. That’s great. The 19 pounds I gained before that though, not so great.
3. Apparently, Grub does NOT like Mexican food. He told me last night when we got home, than again around 2am, than again this morning.
4. I am very grateful that my ass isn’t as big as it could be. I’ve gained weight, but in pants, my ass still looks hott!
5. Crying because Starbucks is out of croissants isn’t normal.
6. Anytime I go to Austin, I work so hard on what I’m going to look like. It’s like I want to prove something to everyone there. Not this time. There’s no hope for me!

4 and a half more days ’till we go home!


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