Tuesday’s Sevens

7 Random things
1. 7 – the number of hours I spent in the ER last night, plus one more.
2. 7 – The number of tacos I could have eaten today, but I stopped at 3.
3. I’m going to go home, get into pj’s, make a cup of hot chocolate, and watch TV. Yay!
4. It’s cold here!
5. All my co-workers’ kids got dressed up and Trick-or-Treated today at work.
6. That means I’ve eaten too much candy
7. Actually, I’ve eaten a LOT of candy today…

7 Things I miss about Texas:
1. People debating over who knows the most obscure musical groups
2. My girls
3. Fuckin’ Strawberry C**nts
4. Disgruntled Bartenders
5. Being able to see my mom.
6. Working at *$ . Wow, never thought I’d say that…
7. Black and Blue Burgers from The Hideout

7 Songs I’ve heard lately and what they remind me of:
1. Hate Me by Blue October – What Jen told me about the bass player
2. How to Save a Life by The Fray – Driving down Parmer at 4 in the morning, smoking.
3. Good Riddance by Green Day – High School
4. Hey Baby (I know, the radio stations are random here) – Trey, Baby!
5. Andy, You’re a Star by The Killers – Winnie, singing along at Barfly’s
6. Move Along by All American Rejects – Getting ready to go out this summer
7. Fix You by Coldplay – for some reason…Cindy

7 Things on my desk right now:
1. My 4 empty bottles of water
2. My badge, with my horrible picture
3. My Peace Lily from my dad
4. About a million pieces of paper
5. My computer
6. A huge bag of candy
7. My box of business cards


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