I know people, v 2.0

…Who get my undivided attention, even if they don’t always deserve it.

…Who could talk to me tomorrow and I’d fall over backwards to be friends with again.

…Who used to be my best friends, and whom I don’t talk to anymore.

…Who can always make me laugh, no matter my mood.

…Who have changed so much, I’m not even sure I’d hang out with them if I’d just met them.

…Who are really cute, and who give great hugs, that I miss.

…Who’s voice annoys me SOMUCH that I want to rip out their hair everytime I hear it.

…Who I had a lot of fun with when I needed someone to have fun with, but who I wouldn’t have hung out with outside our situation.

…Who have changed my life. Some for the better. Some not.

…Who still make me shake when they touch me.

…Who I don’t like, because I’m jealous of them.

…Who inspire me.


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