Boring update

Well, I got a job. It’s the one I wanted. It’s got great pay and I think I’m going to be really good at it.

The money problems aren’t over, but there’s a light in the distance.

The OKC really isn’t that bad. We’re slowly meeting people that we like. We’re slowly finding the places we like to go out (although no one really parties like they do it Austin). It’s slowly starting to grow on me.
Then why am I out here, after trying to sleep for an hour and a half, smoking (for the first time sober in two weeks), feeling nostalgic?
I think it’s because getting down to Austin for Jen’s birthday is looking less and less likely. I’m anxious. Trying to figure out how to pay the bills, how to lose the weight I’ve gained since I’ve been up here, trying to fit in. It’s frustrating.

We’re having a suprise party for Chris and Shannon tomorrow afternoon for their birthdays. Then, we’ve got a suite reserved for the baseball game. In some ways, I’m moving forward in my life now. In Austin, as much fun as I had, I wasn’t -going- anywhere. I was stuck where I was (usually at Barfly’s, hehehe), and now I feel like I’m moving. A lot of that has to do with getting a real job. But, there are facets of my life that are stagnant. My social life, for one. I certainly don’t laugh like I did in Austin. And, I’m pretty sure I won’t ever do that here.
I won’t be able to say, “I’m either going to fall down, or wet my pants” here.

Ugh. I’m just tired and crampy. But, the good news is that the cigarette I just smoked made me want to throw up! That’s good…..


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