What a…

…long and tiring week. Good, bad, and ugly.


– I’m not saying I have a drinking problem. I’m just saying that within the last 10 days, I’ve been to Barfly’s 9 of them.

– Sometimes people suprise you. Sometimes emotions suprise you. Sometimes you cry because your dog is sitting on the bathroom floor, looking at you. Then, sometimes, you realize it’s not that you’re crazy…..it’s the new birth control.

– SXSW is finally over. Thank goodness. The annoying out-of-towners are gone, the crowds are gone, the noise is gone. My city is back to being my own. We did get to hang out with Bobby and Reagan (different nights) so that’s good.

– A lot of shit hit the fan last night. Things that I’d been trying to hold in, came out. And it didn’t help that I was super emotional (see the second bullet). But, when it came right down to it, turns out all I needed was this: my favorite bar, a shot, a beer, a cigarette, and my best friends to make me laugh.

– “park that car; drop that phone; sleep on the floor; dream about me”

– I’m not usually a UT fan, but after the win tonight, I love me some UT basketball!!!


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