Highlights of the evening…

Tommy writing our order on his hand…..then forgetting to bring us the beers.

Chris thinking that the waitress at The Kilt didn’t like us. I don’t think she had the brain capacity to not like someone.

“Cori, are you and J going to come to Hooters with us?”
“Why, don’t you like Hooters?”
“No, I’m fine with Hooters.”
“Then why won’t you come? Don’t you like Hooters? Is J not allowed to go? You should come. We’ll drink more beer. Hooters is great. I love Hooters. I think you have something against Hooters. Why won’t you come?”
“Because she doesn’t like you, Tutt.”

Chris ad-libbing his own words to a Cat Stevens song:
“I’m a muslim. I like my women covered. Only eye holes. I’m a muslim. I don’t even like the eye holes.”

J, explaining why he didn’t want to drink water before he fell asleep:
“Say we have a tomato farm. You have number A….letter….specimen A. Take specimen A and he says, ‘I want water.’ Then you have specimen B. He says, ‘I don’t want any water.’ So are you going to give specimen B the same amount of water as specimen A? No. I don’t think there is any water. I don’t want a gallon of water.”


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