not exactly how I thought this weekend would be. Fun would not be the word to describe it. Interesting, sleep-depriving, frustrating; all these are words I would use.
But, C and I had a wonderful talk (but what talk with her ISN’T?) until the wee hours of the night. It took two rum and diet cokes in champagne glasses, four cigarettes (for me, not her), a change of clothes, and a -very- short bath to come to some difficult conclusions. But, we did and we are both in a better place now.
Plus, a serpentine belt pully in my engine broke off on the beltway, my car overheated, I spent about 17 hours too long with my MIL, DIDN’T get drunk, spent WAY too much money, waited around, got into a fight, then got pulled over. The good news is that I got to hang out with my beautiful sis-in-law, the cutest baby alive, and meet a very amazing woman who’s marrying an apparently very cool guy.
We’re home now, and very glad. Got a fire going, drinking wine, watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
Double tomorrow, work tomorrow night, t-giving with family, double Friday. No shopping for me. : (
Pictures to follow. I’m going to bed…..
kisses! *c


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