Last night romantics, all these things that I’ve done, and plans

Last night COULD have been very romantic. We have no heat, so J made a fire, and the only plans were to watch Lost, J had some work, and I was proof-reading a paper for a friend. We had pumpkin ale and everything was good.
Except that the fire really didn’t make the house that much warmer. Except that we couldn’t get the Lost episode we downloaded to work. But, we still had the ambiance. Cozy (not warm, unless you’re sitting right in front of it) fire, candles, alcohol. What a mood!
And then J’s pager went off and he went to work.
Until 1a.
So, I curled up in bed with the heating pad and worked on invites for the cocktail party. Boo.
Today, we got up late. I took J to work, then came back and cleaned up the living room and dining room, and put a load of laundry in. I cleaned out my car, sat down and figured out the bills. Now, I’m drinking (Well, I say drinking. I mean putting my wrist on) a cup of tea.
My plans are:
Today: Finish laundry. Go to the gym… take a warm shower. Go to *$ so I can get a cup of something warm and leave this cold house. It’s 55 in here now! Work until 10. Home and immediately in bed.
Tomorrow: Up early, and get oil changed. Replace brake pads. Drive to Houston. See the CUTEST baby EVER!

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And, of course, my favorite Sister-in-law. Then, it’s to Leslie’s for dinner and then…..

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Saturday: Up early, take a walk with Jake, Leslie’s mom’s to the gym, then The Galleria for the MAC counter. That night it’s Bachelorette Party Fun with Carie and the ladies. There will be a lot of these….

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…but I’m ready.
Sunday: it’s back home and back to work. *sigh* Maybe someday I won’t be so busy!



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