My eventful…


Allison tells us Friday night that she has rats in her ceiling.
She calls the pest control man and he goes in her attic to put traps down….
…and to tell her that she’s got “stuff” up there.
She is curious, says “what stuff?”
He says, “Let’s put it this way….it’s stuff you wouldn’t want your mother to see.”
So, of course, we plan on going up there to find out just what it is!

Fast forward to Saturday afternoon….
Image hosted by
Planning the big expedition. We’re so colorful!

Image hosted by
Bina and me ready and willing. Notice my headlamp. Thanks J!

Image hosted by
Sabina’s up first…

Image hosted by
Here I go.

Image hosted by
A lovely picture of our butts.


Image hosted by
A box. We don’t know what it says on the top.

Image hosted by
Inside. What is it?!

Image hosted by
Our other loot.

Image hosted by
Penis Pump…

Image hosted by
…probably used for this….can you see the mirror, razor blade, and baggie?

Isn’t that great!!!


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