7 Things…

7 Favorites:
1. Names for kids: Abby, Noah, Reese, Clare
2. Book (at the moment): The Time Traveler’s Wife
3. Texas winery: Hack Winery
4. Song to listen to at home: Fix You by Coldplay
5. Song to get ready: All The Things That I’ve Done by The Killers
6. Place to drive when I’m upset: Hunter Road
7. Drink: Gin and tonics

7 Things I’ve done (or plan on doing) today:
1. Work
2. Clean the kitchen
3. Clean off the table
4. Watch Oprah
5. Read part of Specimen Days
6. Go to a little boy’s hospital room,
with JR and the Make a Wish Foundation
so J can set up his computer and then
7. Have a few drinks at Barfly’s

*sigh* In fact, I’m ready for a drink now.
More later.



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